Wednesday, November 12, 2008

random blathering

item 1 - it's hot - the first hot night of the summer and we're all a bit shattered. the first evening we have needed the air conditioner in the back half of the house and the fan in the front half - both freaked out poor billthedog no end as he slunk from one end of the house to the other

item 2 - here's the new mirror - a huge convex lens for the front room which urbane scrumping and urbane scrumping senior hung on the weekend
item 3 - guru art quilter maggie grey's new book 'textile translations' arrived! which was exciting enough but even ore wonderful and staggering was the fact that i ordered it on thursday night (Melbourne time) it was posted from the UK on friday and arrived here yesterday. that's faster than getting a letter from my Mother 2 suburbs away (which has been known to take australia post 10 days) i am deeply impressed by the royal mail.

item 4 - little news on the creative front. i have knitted another inch on my frill mitts (see and buy here - scroll down to the october 4 entry) . they are proceeding in a majestically slow fashion as i only really get to knit on the train going to work. it's a great pattern - straightforward and pretty without being fussy. and i'm knitting them in louisa harding's kimono angora which is just gorgeous to knit - just not in 35 degree heat.....

item 5 - linda gave me another blog award - thanks linda :) more on that tomorrow (although i didn't sign up for NaPoBloMo i did the first week without trying and seem to have got into a rhythm. this may get boring for you if not me... feel free to come back in december :))

item 6 - trying to live plastic free or even plastic freer is hard. half-time report coming up soon


Mike said...

it is not about plastic free, manufacturing and government have retooled for a plastic society. We have to recycle. We have to conserve our resources. Also, 2012 is coming, that date is on my birthday. Where will I be?

hippopip said...

You were lucky Lisette, Royal Mail is not usually that quick,but mine did come very quickly they must get the book in the post at once,it is a fantastic book and I bet you are raring to go.Luckly you in the heat here it is the usual grey wet and cold,all the best Pippa

Mike said...

looking for those transcribed dairy jpegs, I get the impression you live in the outback? boonies? out in the country? I guess recycling, aint exactly the way I pictured it, here by me we have huges truck every week picking up recycled goods and another huge truck that pick up non recyclable. Since this this has been taking place, i would say 90% goes into the recycle can.

bio degradable plastic is consumer friendly, but hard to tell which plastic is such. Can only tell a year later (if the plastic object has vanished/disappeared.

we don't the ecological disaster that has happened to the pacific ocean, massive floating garbage islands.

burning, puts off toxic fumes, but might be only choice.

don't know

In Arizona, there is no recycle, all is rubbish.