Sunday, April 30, 2006

childhood favourites meme

here are my childhood favourites thanks soozs:

1. Favourite special treat food - tim tams (see current debate between pea soup and yarnstorm)
2. Favourite real food - roast chicken: a rare treat served only at Christmas, Easter and birthdays
3. Favourite thing to wear - my black watch tartan kilt - i loved the glinting kilt pin
4. Favourite place to go - gran and papa's big house where all the cousins ran wild and special treats were bought from the swiss cake shop for afternoon tea. there was also coco cola (as papa called it) and bags of sweets on the shelf above the big 'his master's voice' wireless
5. Favourite person - my auntie - mum's twin who was like a second more affectionate mother
6. Favourite event/occasion - Christmas
7. Favourite pet - my dog tess
8. Favourite thing to do - read
9. Favourite TV show - mr ed
10. Favourite book - i loved all the billabong books, australian early 20th century classics, written by mary grant bruce about a girl called norah growing up on a sheep station in northern victoria. later i loved lm montgomery's anne of green gables books.

Friday, April 28, 2006

this week

this week i have had the worst sinusitis since we lived in canberra in the nineties :(

hence our bathroom looked like this:

on the other hand the sewing drought has ended - hooray!

i made a version of kaffe fassett's columns quilt from his wonderful museum quilt book. the fabrics are the picadilly half yard bundle that i got from hancock's of paducah back in january. they look much better in real life, much richer but they didn't photograph well i'm afraid.

the back is a mixture of florals from the stash that i chose to go with the front - i'm very pleased with the whole thing - being big pieces it all came together very quickly and i had such fun piecing the back - there was no pattern so no anxiety about doing it "right". i just played until i liked it and then sewed it up

it is now pinned together with some soft cotton batting - i plan to bag it out (or birth it as it's called in the States!) and then do some free motion quilting. if i do the conventional quilt sandwich it will get put away because i hate hate hate binding. also i haven't invested too much emotional energy in this quilt and it is destined to be a sofa quilt or to go on our bed so i don't mind if it's not perfect. it will be a working quilt :)

happy weekend !

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

what i did on my holiday....

first it was like this (thanks to cyclone larry)

then we went to the beach

and M broke his arm while bodysurfing

bad enough to need a plate and 9 screws and 6 days in hospital - an hour's drive away from where we were staying

so not much reading/relaxing/knitting/grooving was done by any of the seahorse family :(

on a happier note the school fete was held last saturday and the school mums' quilt was raffled. to my surprise and delight all of my blocks made it into the final product and didn't look at all bad :) the quilt itself was beautiful - unfortunately it did not make it chez seahorse but was won by A N Other.....