Saturday, August 11, 2007

bob, not bob and cousin boneless aka the thornbury sub branch of the cwa

are the names of our 3 chooks. a was all for calling the three of them bob, then e said 'mine's not bob' and thus the first two were named. and cousin boneless is named after the character in the cow and chicken cartoon.

they lay 3 eggs a day (although sometimes they take sundays off, leading me to suspect presbyterian antecedents), boss the cats around and generally patrol the back yard. they have a desperate curiosity to explore the laundry (which, in true inner Melbourne style, is outside) and will hip and shoulder you to get through the door as you're struggling with a basket full of washing) after i've shooed them out again i can see at least one scaly foot poking under the door and an array of beady eyes keeping a close eye on the proceedings.

i was surprised at what companionable animals they are and they remind me of the stereotypical busty and respectable cwa ladies that are the backbone of the nation. my girls look like they were born to wear aprons and make scones. they are also keen to come into the house and no doubt would put the kettle on as soon as they got in.

creative content will appear again soon - last weekend i had some fun with fabric and paint trying to capture some of the amazing colours i saw in central australia and started a small quilt. it felt wonderful being back in the creative zone and i will try and make some more time tomorrow, small people allowing.


Caity said...

What lovely chooks and what a perfect description of them! Yes, they are like the CWA ladies. (in fact, Mr beloved and I call such stalwarts of the community "keckles" after the sound chooks make as they are grubbing about...

lisette said...

i like 'keckles' :) if you were closer i would offer you some eggs

weirdbunny said...

Your so funny

Chickens are just the best aren't they. We've got silky's which are a much smaller chicken.