Saturday, August 11, 2007

can you tell

i don't have another adult to talk to? except you guys.

i'm off for a bath - which is exciting and ground breaking on a number of fronts. first w is asleep and therefore won't insist on joining me in the bath; second a bath is a real looxury now as we are in the middle of a dearth of water. even though it did start to rain again a couple of months ago and indeed is pouring down outside now, we have Not Much Water.

to celebrate i am using the last dregs of my crabtree and evelyn lily of the valley bubble bath. this is the closest mimic to my all time favourite perfume diorissimo, which i wear every day although stocks of diorissimo are getting to the perilous stage. so bad in fact that i have less percentage of diorissimo than melbourne has water in its dams. luckily it's my birthday soon and if some kind person doesn't buy me some diorissimo i will buy it for myself :)

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