Sunday, September 02, 2007

actual creative content....

but alas photos are still in my phone (and they won't be very good)

i am just starting to create again - the last few weeks have seen some tentative steps back to that headspace (hallelujah!)

today i made my first burnt quilt for months - the inspiration struck as i was driving along so had to quickly pull over and make some rough sketches. i had forgotten where my burning fabrics were so it took some rooting around and brain racking before i remembered that i had put them neatly away in a box under my bed. i could last remember seeing them shoved in a shopping bag behind the sofa......

last week i had a go at making annabelle's mosaic-looking squares. this method is a variation on one taught by dijanne cevaal and is absolute magic. you sew strips of fabric or ribbon or whatever onto a foundation and then cut 45 degree squares - which is where i came undone as maths has never been my strong point and the 2 inch squares i thought i was making turned out to all be 1 and s small something.. which was ok from a construction point of view as it doesn't matter how big the pieces are as long as they are all the same size. but i was completely mystified by the mistake and couldn't work out how on earth it had happened until a friend took me aside and explained Pythagoras' theorum to me in words of one syllable and with pencil and paper.

i had a lovely time buying ribbons in reds, purples and oranges and alternated them with strips of red japanese silk. i sewed them onto a foundation of stiff interfacing painted purple. and it is now in the marinating awaiting further inspiration stage.

i also finished the random kimono quilt - well finished enough to use - i'm still not sure if and how to bind it as it is bumpy around the edges. jumping in and just sewing is all very well but it makes the finishing a lot harder :) i ended up machining a herringbone stitch in red thread just along the seam lines and because i had just thrown it together there were quite a few seams with many layers of fabric. so i broke quite a few needles and i don't think my machine has quite forgiven me.

photos when i download the phone - possibly tomorrow


catsmum said...

freaking fab-u-lous
[ and in a nice piece of serendipity, the same colours as some baby knitting I just finished ]
one week to go for kidlets

dijanne cevaal said...

This has turned out wonderfully well Felicity- the colours sing.

Annabel said...

Have just been catching up with my blogs and thought I'd say hi. This came out very well indeed. Love the colours! thewitteringrainbow