Monday, July 21, 2008

partially restored

well at least i'm back on line now although still without optus email so if anyone has tried to contact me via the optusnet address - sorry it's still drifting in space somewhere near pluto

my computer succumbed to another virus attack - the second in three months :( and is still in icu at the computer shop.

the creative side of things has been rather muted and confirmed to dyeing and knitting. i don't have any creative energy for art quilty pieces - hopefully that will come back soon. in the meantime i have been playing around using the fallow time to create textures and effects with colour

and of course there has to be a toby photo

i will get some of molly i'm sure - one day, when she slows down. toby is of a much more somnolent nature

Sunday, July 06, 2008

indigo melancholia

got the indigo blues today - my life is taking some strange turns at the moment. it's polarised: very good in some bits and very awful in others. so there is rejoicing and energy and fulfillment in cordoned off areas of my life while other parts are awash with frustration and a bleak grief. i keep buffeting from one to another and am feeling a bit punch drunk this afternoon. it's also not good for my short term memory which keeps failing me...

creativity is both a bit of a trudge and life raft in such times and i have done small small tings this afternoon - i made a label for my interior alice quilt which is about to begin a sojourn with dijanne; and i had a play with the instant indigo crystals that arrived this week.

here are photos of some experimental first indigo dippings - as usual they are drying on the long suffering branches of the fig tree. silk, towelling, silk, a cotton bag, doiley, lutradur and linen. and a word of warning - the solution smells vile so i recommend dipping outside...