Sunday, September 30, 2012


well folks it's been a while but i thought i should try and get at least one post in for September.

i have spent most of the last month focussed on recovery  - i was surprised at how completely knocked flat i was by the surgery. but at 6 weeks i suddenly felt better - didn't need my afternoon nap every day and could walk to the shops with Kind Dog at a much more normal pace.

and now 9 weeks after the surgery i am feeling great. i started pilates this week and am feeling every single muscle in my body that has been lying dormant for the past few years....

all creative energy was put into making the piece for Seth's next book - which i can't show you but i'm really happy with it and it was quite a consuming project.

and i finished Kind Dog's socks and played around with silk and paverpol. and ma brewing some ideas for the next challenge piece. i had planned to enter the Wool Quilt prize this year but broke 3 needles on my embellisher machine and couldn't get replacements before the deadline - which is a large bummer.

more news soon.