Friday, February 21, 2014


I spent a couple of days this week marooned by a virus - sore throat, aches, feeling shattered. So I lay in my lovely bed and interspersed sleep with reading invalid-sized portions of my book,  and looking at the view. This is what I see with my head on the pillow looking straight up
and if I sit up and turn slightly to the left - this view of the not so distant city.
 And rest, cups of tea, and gentle pats had their effect and I am feeling rather better.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


my first rather wonky piece of shifu - spun and woven by me :)
the little loom is 4 inches long - the big needle is 6 inches.


shifu weaving :)

Monday, February 17, 2014

day 3

what a three days! Am absolutely shattered but I learned so much and had a fabulous time. Here are my efforts:

 as yet stitched book of eco plant print and indigo dyed papers and silks
 shifu thread made of fine Japanese paper spun on drop spindle with my first weaving attempt in the background
 The lovely, ever-cheerful and patient Velma

 the workroom from my spot at the table
 post-indigo hand
 If you ever have the chance to do a workshop with Velma - leap at it! 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

I was right

Day 2 of Velma Bolyard's workshop at Beautiful Silks and I feel fab! All the overheated summer grumpies have gone and zen is back in sight.

I have now spent about 16 hours with 9 brilliant, funny, talented women and we have made eco contact printed paper; painted, sliced and spun lokta paper; shared stories and jokes and intelligence about the best providers of Portuguese tarts in Brunswick Street; undertaken shopping raids on the nearby art stores; and encouraged and commiserated with each other in learning new skills.

 Day 3 tomorrow :)

Friday, February 14, 2014

too grumpy

mainly as a result of the weather - too hot, too smoky, too humid. I am definitely not designed for this climate and this intensely hot summer is daily reminding me of this.
I am also too busy at the moment - my bit of paid work would devour my time if I allowed it- studying is being slotted in fiercely and my art is being reconsidered.  I made the mistake of making a piece specially for an exhibition type I no longer belong to, and it was rejected. This was a reminder that I don't make art quilts anymore: I make something else that doesn't quite fit the art world and it definitely doesn't fit the quilt world. This may need some time to wash through and work out if I need to fit in anywhere - I sense that I should just keep walking my own path and if people like it, that's good: if they don't - meh.

 So although this New Year commitment threatens to topple
 I am pushing back. A weekend at Beautiful Silks making shifu with the amazing Velma Bolyard should help too

Saturday, February 08, 2014

ebbs and flows

too hot for a proper blog post today. It seems for every blizzard in North America and every scary storm in the UK we get a ripple of heatwave. So many 40+ degree days and hot nights this summer. Climate change naysayers are starting to look as daft and pig-headed as creationists.

This afternoon my studio is too hot to work in so I'm planning what I might do tomorrow when it's cooler. Making some cerecloth to wrap around the aubergine is top of the list.

Then I might have a play with some photos I took this week with some new apps.
 Stay cool or warm, depending on your hemisphere!