Sunday, February 04, 2007

tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.....

i did mean to do the words but last week was so flat out that i ran out of time. anyway i just did another heat altered quilt - see
i found Fay Maxwell's tutorial here

the technique is to layer synthetic scraps over a felted wool base then cover the lot with organza or tulle and stitch the layers together. then the best bit - getting tuck in with a soldering iron to melt through as many layers as you wish to reveal different colours and textures. some fabric melt quicker than others and i added some sequin waste and Angelina fibre as well to see what would happen.

it's huge fun but although Fay says not to oversew i think this week's effort went too far the other way on parts of the piece. i had to go back and sew around the perimeter. and beads don't melt :(

and i went a step further and attacked it with a little blowtorch..... although that it made the little quilt much crunchier than i expected.

i'm much happier with the other piece i did last week (here it is again to save you scrolling down)

(purple back ground, kimono silk, dyed and heated tyvek). i really enjoyed doing the contour and pebble quilting and i think the colours worked well although it does remind me a bit of a misshapen foot.


SeamRippstress said...

These pieces are SO great. I'm going to try it with wool. Wonderful and thanks for the burning tutorial! Blow torch...hmmm

Susan D said...

Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. I love your work. I want to become more adventorous in my work so I'm going to do a C & G course soon. Can you email your snail mail address so I can put one of my silk postcards in the post to you asap. Do you have a favourite colour?

Susan said...

crunchy quilts and blow torches!!! I like your adventurous creativity! Re your purple quilt from last week - never saw the foot - I thought it looked aquatic - maybe an island surrounded by sea?