Sunday, February 18, 2007


it's too darn hot - for the last few days we have had temperatures that would be better suited to a fifties starlet - 38, 36, 38. and hot, hot, breathlessly hot nights :( i know it's summer but really this year has been relentless - i can cope better with hot days when they're aren't so many of them in a row and when it cools down at night.

anyway i did rouse myself to make another soldered quilt - and remembered to take photos at various stages.

here you can see the pile of various diaphanous synthetics - mixed in with a layer of fake fur (that didn't work so well - juts made another thicker layer to sew through), and some shreds of gold sequin waste and a sprinkling of angelina fibre
then i used a double layer of red netting and a layer of orange/red shot organza and pinned strategically:
then pebble-quilted over the lot

and used the little blowtorch and soldering iron to melt

i love the way the top layers peel back and make new textures and colours as they melt


catsmum said...

you used a BLOWTORCH in THIS weather???
I know that one must suffer for one's art but this takes the cake!!

Susan said...

You're going to have to hold a workshop on this!

lisette said...

it was just a little blowtorch!

Feltbug said...

I love this idea - thankyou for sharing the process. The pebble quilting is wonderful.