Sunday, January 02, 2011

haunted - a defacto self-portrait

i was supposed to have finished a self-portrait piece from the art quilt challenge but found myself knee-capped by the piece i had envisaged. it was just too painful to work through some of that stuff at the moment - i just can't do it. it will keep and emerge at some point -  but not now.

so i have, as yet nothing to post on the challenge blog or here.  i have some ideas for a safer piece that i will make over the next few days but in the meantime i can present something of a photo essay.

yesterday, new year's day, i went back to bed and just lay there snapping away trying to see if i could scry the internal damage on my face. i think i look quite ravaged - it is me with no make-up, after a very late night and wearing the scars of my mind. i thought of the photo i took in november that is now my profile picture and also though of the famous photo of spike milligan which reveals a soul in agony.  where am i on that continuum?

clearly i am recovered/ing and not in a bad a slot as i was last week and as i have been in the past. but i am marked.


Ping said...

You don't look ravaged, beautiful sister - just really tired!

Looking forward to catching up over a cuppa very soon. xxx

jennifer said...

This seems an awful thing to say, but maybe it will make you laugh. I just thought there should be a picture of your umbilicus (or bellybutton or navel if you prefer)

It is good to read your writings, and view your images, but I would really like to really see you. I don't tend to ring, as I suspect you prefer not to answer the phone. And then, often I am thinking of you overnight, when you may well be awake, but a call would be even sillier.

Lynn said...

I hope the days ahead turn brighter for you and help you turn the corner from this less than perfect time in your life Lisette. Sorry the self portrait challenge became so difficult for you. I knew it had that possiblity in general. Perhaps working at it will help you work through all that you are going through now in a healing way. Hope so. Art therapy of sorts. Take care, be gentle with yourself and wishing you well.

Chloe said...

The long and lonely crawl through a dank tunnel filled with long kept roots that now need to be dispelled is arduous and draining, but the light, the warmth at the final bend is worth every step. My thoughts are with you!