Tuesday, January 04, 2011

following the red thread

despite the recent angst i have started to find hope and inspiration in things - especially rediscovered things.  this is one of my favourite pieces of music and i would like it played at my funeral, preferably by the kronos quartet :)

like a lot of music it is best listened to with your eyes shut - there are shades of melancholy and hesitation with a fabulous rush of energy and light and expansion especially from minute 3 - it's full of big blue sky

other soul-feeding things i am hanging onto are:
  • the marine photos by richard lord that we found on the weekend. i had very strong dreams on saturday night/sunday morning and woke up with the word 'ormer' insistently in my head. i had a vague recollection that it was some sort of mollusc between a clam and a snail and after consulting the dictionary found that my hind brain was right. further consultation with uncle google took us to richard lord's amazing site where he has has the most amazingly luminous photos of marine life on the coast of guernsey. such colours and textures - bizarrely like the desert country i keep trying to render into textile art. 
  • this song by my still favourite artists (to my family's increasing dismay - will is the only one who doesn't mind me playing the same music over and over again - it has become a bit of a linus blanket for me)

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    Lynn said...

    I am at work so I will have to come back later to listen to the music. I do hope the funeral plans are a very very very long way off.
    Glad you are being inspired and even thinking of more fabric art to make. I look forward to seeing that. Happy day.