Saturday, November 17, 2007

fabric painting

ok i have just given up trying to upload photos for now :(

last weekend i had a play with some fabric paints on cotton and silk using salt (sprinkled over the top) and bubble wrap (underneath) to get different effects - the bubble wrap had big bubbles and left sweeps of colour where the paint pooled. the salt added a mottled, almost littoral effect.

i went over a previously painted piece with some copper coloured gutta

i had a long awaited play with some foils - using glue as the fixing agent. next weekend is child free so i am planning some more foiling using what i hope with be fusible thread and some vliesofix.

will try uploading photos later (and a bit more coherent text - i am being nagged by 3 year old w who has begun to channel the taliban, especially in matters of underwear. anything not demurely maternal is met with shrikes of 'no you can't wear that! take it off!' it's like having a fundamentalist husband.......)