Monday, July 17, 2006

survival skin

well the wool quilt is finished and has a name - survival skin. i sent off the photos and the filled out form for the wool quilt competition on thursday - i'm hope hope hoping to be accepted but realistically don't think it's likely.

you had to include an artistic statement of 50 words or less with the entry and this is what i wrote:

" making survival skin taught me to trust my creative instincts and not to try too hard to create a finished design.

what it 'means' is unimportant - these are symbols of my childhood: its potentials, traumas and overcomings. it is a skin sloughed off my subconscious reflecting where i have been."

it also evolved like nothing else i have ever made - nothing was planned , it almost made itself. even the statement was written while i waited for a tram after work one evening.

so i don't think i will be accepted into the competition - which doesn't seem as important it is used to. the competition was a catalyst for making (and finishing) this quilt but the quilt is an end in itself.