Monday, January 28, 2008


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sketch from my notebook - supernova. inspired by this photo on hopkinsii.
watercolour pencils on moleskine notebook


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sketch from my notebook. sketch done on the beach at caloundra, december 2007. don't ask me what it is; it emerged from my subconscious
watercolour pencils on moleskine notebook

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

ta da!

well here is the wanna be rusted quilt - no rusting so i did the tried and true burning instead. i put some synthetic fabrics on top of the painted and gessoed piece, then the painted lutradur and then a layer of black tulle, pebble quilted in orange, red and a patch of turquoise and then hopped in with the blow torch and voila - another alice quilt :)

i would like to give the rust technique another try if i can work out what i did wrong with this one

watching paint dry.....

m has taken the kids camping for a couple of days so i have a free evening - no tv, playstation or requests for food, i ate a spinsterly dinner at 6.30 slugged down a large gin and tonic and hopped straight into the fabric painting. (i've been fabric painting and not sewing much lately because i hurt my back again - bummer)

i have 3 pieces drying at the moment - 2 pieces of lutradur and a piece of silk all painted with burnt sienna and sprinkled with salt. the silk won't dry until morning but i am hoping the lutradur can be used tonight - the gesso rusting piece (see previous post) was not a resounding success - i think i used the wrong sort of foil or paint or something but there was no rusting evident. luckily i used gold foil so it still looks ok but i'm thinking of machine quilting the lutradur over the top and then blowtorching a bit to see what happens....

i had a bizarre supermarket twilight zone experience tonight - in dire need of dental floss i went to the supermarket and regained consciousness at the checkout holding a mop (yes a mop - a very handsome fire engine red mop, but a mop nevertheless), a packet of dried fruit, sandals for 3yo W, chocolate, batteries and (luckily) dental floss. and in front of me was a rather beautiful 6 foot something man with a beehive of dreadlocks and a luxuriant blond beard wearing a skirt (the man not the beard). his shopping was solely made up of soy products. bizarro.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

crappy weekend

not even good enough to be a curate's egg.....

2 good things did happen though - i had my hair cut and coloured by the lovely jay at chainsaw massacre in elgin st carlton (wave) and the prodigal chook who vamoosed a couple of weeks ago was returned by an apologetic neighbour who had taken her in....

as a distraction from the yuckiness i made another lino cut - this time with real lino which is much harder than the other stuff but i'm quite pleased by the result.

i printed onto
  • cotton
(oops - sorry this black one is actually sheet music - will see if i can find one printed on cotton)
  • rice paper

  • and silk

i also had a play with gesso, mixed with paint and slurped it onto some cream cotton then overlaid a swathe of dishcloth fabric and gessoed that too. destined to be something watery i think.

and this object is the first stage of a gesso rusting technique i found on judy scott's blog. a thick layer of gesso (mine's on fabric) then some bits of foil chocolate wrapper and some casting of salt and sugar and when it's dry i will apply some ink and paint and see what happens. this is not good drying weather though, so this stage is taking ages :(

on the other hand the garden is looking less dessicated and it's lovely not to feel hot

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

lino prints

i had a day of playing yesterday - a foray to zartart on monday yielded wonderfulnesses like more fabric paint, silk habotai, rubbing sticks (they look like shiva sticks but i haven't tested them yet- luscious ochres, browns and coppers), silk tops in blue and turquoise, a block of stuff for lino cutting that isn't lino but looks like a piece of soft chopping board and some gesso.

i had already photoshopped a leaf in preparation for this lino printing and i'm really pleased with the way it turned out - i used setacolour paints (the sun dye paint is way too thin) and they had the right consistency but i can see i'm going to have to play with some alternatives as this process sucked up a LOT of paint.

i also painted a length of silk turquoisey greeny blue for the big alice quilt although i am rethinking this piece completely - it's too red and green and needs to become more siennaish and blue - i haven't posted any pics of this one because it's not right, not even close to right but i will have a go at it on the weekend and hopefully have something less christmassy :)

and i'm up to the toe of the kermit sock :)

Friday, January 11, 2008

mad dog, sir?

thank you no, we are well provided for...... evidence of extreme heat induced nutcaseness:

item #1 walnut and choc chip bikkies (jill dupleix's recipe from the times in 2003)

item#2 socks to which i added a few rows yesterday. in real life they are a much more kermitty green. they are resting on my wonderful catherine manuell bag which is perfect for holding a sock wip...

today i think we will lie low until the change comes (due at lunchtime) and then venture forth to find food and perhaps get a good coffee

Thursday, January 10, 2008

hot hot hot

sheesh! it's 40 gazillion degrees out there and what do i want to do?

knit socks

and bake chocolate chip and walnut bikkies (cookies to our uber the pacific friends)

photos of both to come.....


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this is a beautiful leadlight seahorse, made for me last year by a dear friend. isn't it wonderful? only his second leadlighting project too.

leadlighting and quilting seem to have lots of elements in common - including being very matchy matchy about points and getting things to fit... the sort of things i'm not very good at and why i have drifted into the more slapdash (for me anyway) realms of art quilting where no one can hear unmatched points scream.....

what better adornment....

hot cat
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for hand painted fabric than a burmese beauty? min the sinless reclining in comfort

my very 21st century 3 year old is cross with me for not handing over the compute and just threatened to 'take a bad photo of you, mum'

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

salt closeup

salt closeup
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a taster of the dyeing i did last week - this is a close up of the meteor shower effect i got from putting salt on the wet dyed silk

Saturday, January 05, 2008

new veg garden

new veg garden view 2
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the kids and i worked for a couple of nights this week to turn the old veggie patch into something a bit more chook proof and attractive. a trip to bunnings and some deft posting, nailing and unrolling of wire fence and ta da!

planting hopefully tomorrow when it's not a gazillion degrees.... late tomatoes, zucchini, leeks, onions, pumpkin, marigolds, nasturtiums, basil, parsley et al are planned

the chooks have been most miffed about the denied access - they'll be even miffter when the plants go in

Thursday, January 03, 2008

unbummed :)

well pretty much. i've retrieved most of my links and have gussied up the place some.

what do you think?


well all i wanted to do was insert a flickr badge to my (relatively) new flickr site and my entire blog changed, taking all the links and gadgets with it :(

will be back on the weekend to fix it