Sunday, January 20, 2008

crappy weekend

not even good enough to be a curate's egg.....

2 good things did happen though - i had my hair cut and coloured by the lovely jay at chainsaw massacre in elgin st carlton (wave) and the prodigal chook who vamoosed a couple of weeks ago was returned by an apologetic neighbour who had taken her in....

as a distraction from the yuckiness i made another lino cut - this time with real lino which is much harder than the other stuff but i'm quite pleased by the result.

i printed onto
  • cotton
(oops - sorry this black one is actually sheet music - will see if i can find one printed on cotton)
  • rice paper

  • and silk

i also had a play with gesso, mixed with paint and slurped it onto some cream cotton then overlaid a swathe of dishcloth fabric and gessoed that too. destined to be something watery i think.

and this object is the first stage of a gesso rusting technique i found on judy scott's blog. a thick layer of gesso (mine's on fabric) then some bits of foil chocolate wrapper and some casting of salt and sugar and when it's dry i will apply some ink and paint and see what happens. this is not good drying weather though, so this stage is taking ages :(

on the other hand the garden is looking less dessicated and it's lovely not to feel hot


American Genius said...

Have you read the lyrics to the Into the Wild, song, Society, Awesome,
You would like it I feel from my perception of your person through your prints!!

Susan said...

Love the seahorse too.