Wednesday, January 16, 2008

lino prints

i had a day of playing yesterday - a foray to zartart on monday yielded wonderfulnesses like more fabric paint, silk habotai, rubbing sticks (they look like shiva sticks but i haven't tested them yet- luscious ochres, browns and coppers), silk tops in blue and turquoise, a block of stuff for lino cutting that isn't lino but looks like a piece of soft chopping board and some gesso.

i had already photoshopped a leaf in preparation for this lino printing and i'm really pleased with the way it turned out - i used setacolour paints (the sun dye paint is way too thin) and they had the right consistency but i can see i'm going to have to play with some alternatives as this process sucked up a LOT of paint.

i also painted a length of silk turquoisey greeny blue for the big alice quilt although i am rethinking this piece completely - it's too red and green and needs to become more siennaish and blue - i haven't posted any pics of this one because it's not right, not even close to right but i will have a go at it on the weekend and hopefully have something less christmassy :)

and i'm up to the toe of the kermit sock :)


Susan said...

Love the lino prints. Have always wanted to do them. You'll have to show me. L S

Karoda said...

I've been carving rubber stamps for the last week and am building the courage to pull out the one piece of linoleum that I have...I'm digging the leaf.

catsmum said...

ooooooooooooooooh purdy :]