Sunday, December 02, 2007


at last a working camera! although it does seems to be a bit capricious on the subject of batteries and keeps insisting that said batteries need replacing.

here is a bit of a catch up on stuff i have been making over the last few weeks: first is my favourite piece from last weekend's efforts.
this started as an experiment on lutradur to see what my new sienna paint looked like. then i swirled some expanding paint (i followed the instructions which was a mistake - it said to paint it on, let dry and then add colour - as you can see that didn't work well at all so next time i will try mixing the colour into the paint) and did a bit more painting with some sepia ink, accidentally splashed some violet on the bottom and did a a couple of washes of sepia ink in places and reddish orange in others. then zapped it with the heat gun (and a bit of copper embossing powder). it reminds me of the caterpillar dreaming stories around alice springs.
next is a piece of silk dyed with turquoise sun dye paint, folded and sprinkled with some coarse cooking salt. it will form part of the ophelia stream of my alice springs series of quilts.

which leads me to this:
the photos is a bit flash heavy but it's hard to photograph metallic ribbon! this was done using dijanne's technique (also seen on annabel's website) of sewing strips of ribbon onto a foundation piece then cutting 45 degree squares. it's covered in black tulle and burnt organza and there are a couple of pieces of green bubble wrap in there too. more embroidery to come...

here's a detail

setacolour on silk painted over large bubble wrap and sprinkled wiht salt:
i loved the way the colour pools and the salt leaches some of it away. great fun and all done on the kitchen table!