Tuesday, January 02, 2007

6 weird things about me

tagged by susan
  1. i over-analyse everything - for example when susan tagged me with this i went into analysis mode - how do you define weird, if it's weird but i do it how do i know it counts as weird when it's normal for me, what if i can't think of anything, what if there are too many things etc etc
  2. i find being in the company of other people tiring, even exhausting and i need time by myself to recover
  3. i had dirt and ice cravings with each of my pregnancies
  4. i actively resist finishing things viz the painful process of finishing my journal quilts
  5. on my breakfast toast i always have vegemite on one slice and "other" whether it's marmalade, honey or jam, on the other
  6. i go for comfort rather than style in clothes - tight clothes are an anathema...
i'm still not sure whether these are weird or not - does neurotic count as weird or just 21st century? or just neurotic?

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catsmum said...

I think #6 just means you're sensible ans tasteful not weird.
I just thought of another one I should've listed ... I actively avoid checking the mailbox. It's easier to do that now that I'm 6 1/2 km from the post office but I was the same in Melbourne.
I think I have a phobia about "bad news"