Monday, January 01, 2007

stir up monday?

well, call it a new tradition:
  • buy all the fruit for the cmas cake in september
  • allow it to mature in the pantry for at least 3 months
  • pick over for stalks and seeds on boxing day. mix it all together with grand marnier or rum or whatever booze you choose
  • suddenly remember about it on new year's day and start turning it into cake. discover at the worst possible moment that instead of the 2 cups required, you have a scant half cup of plain flour. send partner out to track down plain flour.
  • find the biggest mixing bowl, that gets used once a year for this purpose. remove dust.
  • get everyone to stir the mix. here is E stirring like a dervish...

  • cook in the oven for a ridiculously long time on a warm and steamy summer day.
we plan to eat this cake on saturday as part of our epiphany dinner and to celebrate the end of the cmas season. so far the menu will include beef wellington and summer pudding. and epiphany cake.

happy new year!

1 comment:

catsmum said...

hey I've got the same big bowl!
and does this mean you aren't bringing Chrissie cake up with you ?... pout...whine...whinge
Are you coming tomorrow night or wednesday morning?