Friday, January 12, 2007

bead bling

i went to maria george yesterday and i bought lots of lovely stuff for not very much at all.

maria george is one of the last remnants of the rag trade that used to dominate flinders lane in melbourne. they sell every kind of bead, sequin and bit of bling you can imagine and sometimes they have very good sales...... the long strings of wooden beads were $1 each

and these gorgeous stitchmarkers came from karen at beadmarkers.

and they arrived from the states within a week of my order :)

tomorrow is looking good - i'm going on a jaunt with my sister - first to wool baa so she can spend a gift voucher and then to see Sense of Place, the new exhibition curated by Dijanne Cevaal. It should be fabulous - there are works by some of the best Australian art quilters. I promise a full report...

1 comment:

catsmum said...

boy you really are the queen of stitch markers this week ... but I can't understand why you didn't get any of the cat ones :]