Friday, December 31, 2010

end of 2010 tasks

today i will attempt to dispel some of the chaos that surrounds me by:
  • tidying the kitchen table
  • raking through some of the layers on my sewing table in the hope of finding my spare camera battery.
  • reading the craft arts mag that i bought last week and haven't cracked open yet
  • doing some actual stitching on actual fabric - thinking of progressing my major handsewing project
  • preparing for the customary sitrep and yearly assessment and planning of things textiley
  • getting a grip and developing a demon eviction strategy
  • emptying fridge of all dodgy 2010 items

midday update - kitchen table cleared, front room mantelpiece cleared, about to tackle sewing table - i may be some time...


    Julie said...

    Sounds like a good plan Lisette, I should probably follow most of it too ;-) I hope 2011 is a good year for you.

    arlee said...

    definitely that fridge thing :) there may be 2009 still in mine--when it smiles back at you, however gently or not, get rid of it!

    Fenland Textile Studio said...

    Happy New Year. Hope the decluttering has been going OK. I really need to attack my house as well. Have you have found the camera battery and read the magazine yet? Have a creative 2011.Hugs Angela