Sunday, December 12, 2010

acks and pharks abounding

i missed my blogoversary again! actually this is becoming traditional - i don't think i have ever celebrated or even noted the anniversary on the actual day. i'm not even sure when the actual day is...

 if i sound somewhat slurred of keyboard it's because i am drugged up the eyeballs - L5 is making its presence felt and is resisting physio and drugs/ so i am frogmarching it off for an mri tomorrow to plumb its recalcitrance and why i have pins and needles in both feet.... apart from the boredom of being in constant pain it makes you feel really really old and sooky. and i especially dislike being dependent on other people to help me get dressed. i had no one to help me with my socks this morning post shower and had to execute a type of modified highland fling to get them on.... oy enough of the kvetching

the other ackandpharkery is the amazing number of hairpin bends my life has swerved through over the least couple of months -  not all bad and some very good but still a bit dizzying.

i am deeply suspicious and resentful of change even if it's good change. but like the bear hunters, you just have to go through it. if i keep my eyes open and hold on tight all should be well.

and at least my pantry is in order


innercitygarden said...

Good luck navigating all the bends, sometimes the view is really cool on windy roads (but sometimes you're too carsick to look).


Janet said...

I like your pantry. I am finding it hard to resist anxiety cleaning at the moment but perhaps I should succumb?

Good luck on the next part of the journey and happy blogiversary!