Thursday, December 23, 2010

cmas musings

it's the day before cmas eve and it feels very odd and unfestive. w and i are alone in the house for the next couple of weeks as the scrumpster and the teenagers are in vietnam on what was planned as a family holiday. you may recall that my dorsal collapse has dominated my life over the past weeks and months and was too bad to even think of getting on a plane....

add that to the recent redrawing of the seahorse/scrumpster electoral boundaries and things just don't feel like cmas as we have known it. on the other hand all is friendly in the seahorse/scrumpster alliance - just different and being conducted in different parishes - which all takes a while to get used to.

last weekend fa kiffy was put on notice that an early delivery was required and we had the traditional present scrum. the scrimmage included bizarre kitty money boxes,
 additional armoury (more on that later)
 and the evergreen viewmaster.
and of course there was the paternal duty of battery finding and insertion.
the next day kind dog joined us for the hunting and gathering of the cmas tree, hoiking out of lights, tinsel, ornaments
 and superior tat.
alex's nerf ack ack gun was pressed into service for cmas tree strafing
 note the nerf bullets as candles effect....

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Lynn said...

Ah you have already opened gifts. The kids look happy.