Sunday, December 26, 2010

blood on the wattle

a couple of weeks ago my Mother gave me a set of Very Sharp Knives.

now i'm not usually accident-prone in the kitchen and rarely spill blood. but twice in the last week i have been merrily chopping away only to look down and see bits of me rendered asunder and blood pooling on the chopping board :(
 slicing into my finger last tuesday was bad enough
 but on cmas eve as i was briskly eviscerating an onion, the knife slipped and whisked off the top of my thumb. 
 i didn't realise the extent of the damage until i was being examined by kind dog and wilbo and we saw that there was actually a chunk missing. and by this time the onion had been swept into the pot and was frying away ready to receive the rice for the pilaf.
despite much poking and frowning we didn't find the missing bit so philosophically hoed into the pilaf  hoping that billthedog would received the extra protein ration in the leftovers.

and i have discovered how many things i do with my left hand


Janet said...


Your Christmas eats did look very yummy though.

artymess said...

Hope you didn't have vegetarians round !!!....OUCH .......x

catsmum said...

the first of those photos brings back memories of a certain seahorsian visit chez moi, and a remarkably similar scar still evident on my person :)
Try and make it a Happy New Year sweetie