Thursday, December 30, 2010

self-portrait stage 1

at last some textile content returns to textileseahorse - limping but here.

the next challenge quilt theme is self-portrait which is something i have been resisting since it was announced - mainly because i've had a look during 10 years of therapy and didn't feel like going back and working through it in fabric. but i couldn't do anything else really, could i? i couldn't do something light and frothy that just described the peripheral.

so this self-portrait reflects the core, the unpleasant truth at the heart of me that drives my creativity, my work and my self. it also reflects the demons that torture me in the murk midnight - that are presently giving me a good kicking and making me wonder why i stirred up the coals of this.

but anything else would not be the truth. and you don't need to know the details - just look into my eyes and see what left deep black twisted scars that deform me even yet. the piece is based on these photos:

so far i have got to the component assembling part and am playing with the compositional elements.
 the photos are printed onto different weights of silk - the crisper images are on dupion and the blurrier ones on organza.

the disingrating piece was a not very successful experiment in transfer printing - not successful from a clear image point of view but gave me the effect i wanted.

the pieces with the dead mummified rat will be sliced up into irregular triangles but this gives a rough idea of where my compositional thinking is at right now - this may change as i was originally thinking of a straight landscape orientation.

we shall see


arlee said...

powerful, and perhaps catharsis--keep going!

librarygirl said...

absolutely stunning Lisette

Knitty Galore said...

the printing is fabulous

Stitch1Peta said...

good way to heal but perhaps you might put the dark places on the back (behind) a bright happy you.