Saturday, February 10, 2007

finished silk paper

here are my finished bits of silk paper

i was really pleased with the way the added extras worked although next time i think i'll work the lurex or angelina in with the fibres before i do the layering. the beads worked really well though.

i ended up giving them another coat of textile medium and they are nice and crackly stiff. i thinking of appliqueing one of them onto a piece of ice blue damask that i bought ages ago with no project in mind.

there has been a debate recently on the quilting down under email list about fabric stashes and whether you should buy for projects rather than on a whim. i tend to buy fabrics i like when i see then, sometimes with a vague or specific project in mind but more often simply because i like the colour, pattern or texture. this is now paying off in spades as i am making smaller "artier" quilts that don't need large amounts of fabric. for example the burnt quilts i made in the last few weeks have come out of my crazy quilting stash - i had a very brief flirtation with crazy quilting a few years ago but the legacy was a large bag of "magpie" fabrics, mostly synthetic but all shiny or glittery in some way and all perfect for melting.

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SeamRippstress said...

This is "fusion" I about to embark on silk fusion class and this looks like a similar technique. Wonderful! I'm with you on the melted synthetic scraps too.