Wednesday, February 07, 2007

silk paper

i found a fabulous tutorial over at susan's (nope a third susan - doing fabulous fibre art in the UK) - scroll down to the 2 february post on making silk paper. she has great photos and a clear explanation of the technique so i marshalled my forces and got stuck in although my results might be a bit different as i think some of what i thought were silk tops were actually mohair but it was all grist to this particular mill and i will end up with some sort of textile :)

it also took some research to find out what atelier medium was - i used jo sonya fabric medium. i also added some sapphire lurex thread and a handful of beads to my second piece which made the massage part of the process interesting :) and that leads me to another confession - when i went back to check susan's recipe there was no mention of massaging the fibres :( but i had already got stuck in and given them a vigorous going over...

i just rushed outside and took a couple of quick photos so you can see what they're like at this stage (still wet). i'm quite pleased with my first attempt


catsmum said...

very yummy ... but maybe you shouldn't have given me all those carded tops ... maybe we could have a play with them when you're up for the [un]convention [ to pinch jasmine's brilliant phrase ]
whaddya reckon ?

Susan D said...

I'll edit my tutorial to explain what the atelier medium is and that you don't need to massage the paper like when you make felt. BTW did you get the silk postcard I sent.