Saturday, February 08, 2014

ebbs and flows

too hot for a proper blog post today. It seems for every blizzard in North America and every scary storm in the UK we get a ripple of heatwave. So many 40+ degree days and hot nights this summer. Climate change naysayers are starting to look as daft and pig-headed as creationists.

This afternoon my studio is too hot to work in so I'm planning what I might do tomorrow when it's cooler. Making some cerecloth to wrap around the aubergine is top of the list.

Then I might have a play with some photos I took this week with some new apps.
 Stay cool or warm, depending on your hemisphere!

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Peter said...

Looks like life on earth is doomed to me . Just like a malaria parasite , we are pre programmed to destroy the host which gave us life . The world is going to plunge into a state into which extremeopfiles , or whatever their spelling is , can survive. And probably a race of smart fish will evolve and re invent the internet . And a seahorse might start a blog called ' textile person" . But you can rest assured , the blog wont be as interesting as this one . Ah yes , this extreme heat has made me completely insane , but thats ok , we are related , arn't we ? I think I will just sign off with a sideways smiley face , :) , or better still (: . thats my good side .