Monday, July 21, 2008

partially restored

well at least i'm back on line now although still without optus email so if anyone has tried to contact me via the optusnet address - sorry it's still drifting in space somewhere near pluto

my computer succumbed to another virus attack - the second in three months :( and is still in icu at the computer shop.

the creative side of things has been rather muted and confirmed to dyeing and knitting. i don't have any creative energy for art quilty pieces - hopefully that will come back soon. in the meantime i have been playing around using the fallow time to create textures and effects with colour

and of course there has to be a toby photo

i will get some of molly i'm sure - one day, when she slows down. toby is of a much more somnolent nature


catsmum said...

hang in there sweetie
you'll get your mojo back - specially if you can fit in some r & r up here :]
and much as I 'd be happy to see W & e again anytime, I think we need some girlie fibre playtime, n'est-ce pas?

gusseting said...

ditto! however, may i suggest you come to the guild for the knitfest on aug 2? here's the details.