Sunday, August 10, 2008

still here

i am still here although continuing to experience computer difficulties. for some reason i can't use photo manager so can't tweak photos to make them more interesting.

life on the other hand has been more than interesting which has resulted in some angst and little that is creative. and has required a couple of sage smudgings of the house to be followed by a big smudging next weekend.

on the other hand my Mother has given me her beautiful spinning wheel (an original double drive sheridan) and i have turned into rumpelstilthopkins..... it's at least 30 years since i tried my hand at spinning but it all came back to me and in what felt like no time i turned this

into this

(lovely alpaca and wool/silk mix random dyed 'autumn')

i had a bit of a spinning spasm on friday night and spun for 4 hours - which was not good for my shoulders and back but resulted in some lovely even yarn :) as yet unphotographed

i have also done one stage 1 of 'dark moon' - here's a bit.

more to follow when it's done (canvas, silk, cotton, xpandapaint, lutradur, tulle, walnut ink)

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One Creative Queen said...

That is absolutely beautiful spinning!! I am incredibly jealous - I am just getting into this "area" of art - and I am in love with the colors you've done! I can't imagine creating something so lovely - thank you for sharing. I found your blog through a Yahoo! group I belong to and am sure glad I did. Keep creating beautiful and inspiring things - you've given me the bug to pull out the small bits of roving and yarn I have. I'm going to have to make something with it!