Wednesday, August 27, 2008


i was going to write a bit of a spiel about turning 44 and the significance of this and the fact that i like being an even number and how solid a number 44 looks and what i had learned from the first half and hoped for the second half of my life.

and then i was going to write about the birthday i wished i had had (one without sick kids and driving 2 hours each way to ballarat for a meeting and not having lunch until 3 o'clock and not getting back to the city until after 6 and getting weepy in the work carpark because i couldn't work out how the security card system worked and then getting weepier at the station because i just missed the train by a bee's whisker and there wasn't another one for 15 minutes.........)

and then i thought how glad i am that i have kids to cuddle when they're sick (and at other times of course), that i have a girly who sat up last night handstitching an apron for me and who bought me the best birthday card (i'll scan it tomorrow or the next day), that i have inlaws who will drop everything to look after the sick kids for me, that i have a job that i love and really believe in, a colleague i like being with and was sad to leave behind in ballarat, that i have an ex husband who will say 'just get in a cab and i'll pay for it' (after having put off a minister or two so he can take aforementioned sick kids to the dr), again the inlaws who make me birthday dinner and buy me a fabulous birthday cake, and special family who send me cards and emails and a sister and brother inlaw who when i say i need a hug will come over with flowers and chockies, a blog to write and again kids to tuck in and say i love you.

which all adds up to i like being me - and 44 is looking pretty good. and wasn't i a cutie back in the sixties?


Linda said...

Happy birthday! Yes, you were very cute - still are, I bet!

Lynn said...

I dare say I can't hardly remember being 44...that is the age of my eldest child (son just married)...
Happy for you with all the blessings you recounted here.
And life just keeps on getting better and better take my word on that! Happy Birthday!

catsmum said...

happy b'day [belated ] and yes you were cute and yes you still are