Saturday, August 16, 2008

me meme

as seen on pea soup....

Eye Color:
Hair Color: grey, brown, blondey bits (in that order)
--Dyed or Natural: Dyed -highlighted
--Curly or Straight: wavy (gravy - who will pick up that reference?? let me know...)
Right- or Left-handed: Right
Tan or Pale: pale
Jeans or Khakis: jeans
Country, Rap, or Rock: of that selection - rock
Heritage: English, Scottish, possibly Spanish and more recently discovered Koori
Shoes you're wearing today: green suede birkenstocks
Your weakness(es): textiles and fibre of any kind, books, quilting magazines, babies, men with big brown eyes or big blue eyes, reading one more pages, reading one more blog, knitting one more row, stitching one more colour, poetry, chocolate, pasta, bad jokes, sleeping in, white sheets, 'i love you mummy' (can i stop now?)
Your perfect pizza: marinara
Favorite color: purple and black for clothes, vibrant reds, oranges and turquoises for fabric/fibre
Favorite place: central australia
Goal you'd like to achieve: finding my true self
Your most overused phrase(s): 'let us depart in peace' (when we're leaving the house), 'i love you'
Your thoughts first waking up: is it friday (the day i don't work)
Your best physical feature(s): my eyes, possibly bosoms (can i use that word?)
Your bedtime: any decent interval after the kids have gone to bed
Your most missed memory: my gran who died when i was 2
Pepsi or Coke: Coke
McDonald's or Burger King: bluck! hungry jacks if pressed
Single or group dates: Both
Adidas or Nike: Nope
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: neither
Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
Cappuccino or coffee: latte

Smoke: Nope
Cuss: Yessiree bob
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend: nope
Take a shower: yes
Have a crush(es): mmmm sean connery, george clooney, ben harper, alan rickman
Think you've been in love: i know so
Want to get married: mmm think so - i have done it once and it was good
Believe in yourself: almost most of the time
Believe in God: yessiree - i'm a card carrying franciscan
Believe in your government: so far so good
Get motion sickness: nyetski
Think you're attractive: in a pinch
Think you're a health freak: No
Get along with your parents: with my mum
Like thunderstorms: i do now and am more likely to enjoy them when i have company and am not spooked

Drunk alcohol
: Yes
Gone on a date: yes
Gone to the mall: No
Been on stage: No
Eaten an entire box of Oreos: no but i could imagine doing that same
Eaten sushi: Yes
Been dumped: yep - for the 5th time this year (by the same man - you'll be pleased to hear that i have finally learned something from this)
Gone skating: No
Gone skinny dipping: i think not, given the freezy breeziness of these parts at this time of year
Stolen anything: does a kiss count?

Played a game that required removal of clothing
: nope
Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: nope - can't drink that much. i get blurry, giggly and tired (in that order) then very floppy - and that's after one glass of wine with dinner...
Been caught "doing something": don't think so
Been called a tease: no
Gotten beaten up: definitely not - i went to a nice gels' school (and there's no such word as 'gotten')
Age you hope to be married: not a good time to think about such things (see 'dumped' response)
Number of children you'd like: for what purpose? to keep? 3 will do
Describe your dream wedding: see previous answer re marriage. if i try and answer this one i will cry
What do you want to be when you grow up: wise and happy or happy and wise.

Best eye color?
: blue, brown or green. preferably not rheumy
Best hair color?: don't care about hair - not even if it is present or not
Short or long hair: preferably one or the other
Height: taller than me (not a big ask)
Best first date location: somewhere safe - a cafe
Best first kiss location: lips

Number of people I could trust with my life:
Number of CD's: lots.
Number of piercings: one set (ears)
Number of tattoos: yuck!
Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: not sure - not many
Number of scars on my body: quite a few - skinned knees from childhood; a vertical scar on my left index finger from when i was pregnant with A, chopping pumpkin while m was upsatirs wiht the horse flu; lots of surgery scars from endometriosis clearings, trying for a baby ops and the crowning glory of my caesar scar that meant one safe and alive baby


Suse said...

I might have to arm wrestle you for Alan Rickman.

catsmum said...

with you on Sean Connery and Alan Rickman - and how sad is it that the first thing I saw Rickman in was the 1978[9?] BBC Romeo and Juliet ? He was the world's geekiest Tybalt.