Sunday, September 16, 2007

another sunday, anther burnt quilt...

sorry for the quality of the photos - still using the phone... this effort is another burnt quilt - this time i used big swathes of fabric instead of little chopped up bits, then the organza layer, free motion quilting and zappo... the other difference is that i used lutradur as a base - i painted it with purple and black fabric paint and let the blowtorch zap holes in some parts.

i quilted circles and spirals in the middle and then a mix of fronds and claws across the rest of it. the colours are more intense in real life and the shiny, melted synthetic was reflecting like mad.

it was great fun :)


catsmum said...

make sure that you bring all these gorgeous bits up with you. I need to see them in person !!

SeamRippstress said...

Spectacular!! I must get a blowtorch and set some quilts a fire!! Your work is so exciting to see.

David Mayes said...
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David Mayes said...

Lisette’s Igneous quilts

What fires have been set
in this burning bed?
passion’s conflagration?
betrayal’s inferno?
The slow fire of sleep?

Beneath the spread’s folds
of fleshy valleys and mounds
eroding crags sink
into dark fathoms
washed by briny weep

Frozen in arabesque swims
shells of soft bodies petrify,
batted down into beds,
fused and fixed fast
in furnaces of the deep

So apply the blow torch Lisette!.
Interrogate the comforter’s
secretive blanket,
uncloak the concealment
of the heart inside its soft keep