Sunday, August 05, 2007

a different kind of normal

i was just sending a very tardy to reply to an email i received in the middle of the turmoil when i realised that we are starting to find a different kind of normal.

this weekend is the first access weekend so all 3 kids are with m. and i have made sure i keep busy - no maudlin drooping about the house, i was up and at 'em yesterday. i bought some divinely sleek new cotton sateen sheets that were half price (and therefore begging to come home wiht me) as was a deep aubergine valance for the bed. the bedroom now looks instantly neater as you can't see the legions of crap under the bed :)

i bought a huge box of fruit 'n' veg - lovely tight cauliflower, broccoli ($7 a kilo - eek!) and the usual array of everyday stuff including a 5kg bag of potatoes. and bananas are now expensive again although now as astronomical as last year during the post cyclone larry great banana south sea bubble when a mars bar was cheaper than a banana......

then i hied myself off to spotlight and bought some fabric paint and 2 m of white homespun. it's been so long since i did anything creative but now there is a line of fabric pieces drying on the washing line in lovely desert colours. i'm going to try and make a small desert quilt this afternoon.

oh and textile seahorse might be a bit light on for photos for the next few weeks - a bad combination of slow internet connection and toddler dropping camera - with deleterious effects on said camera.

will report back later on the desert quilt. and thanks so much for all the comments being so supportive on the Recent Crisis - it means a lot :)

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catsmum said...

well normally I'd be grumping that you had a free weekend and didn't head north for your R & R but as I had a migraine, I won't THIS TIME ... but if there's a next time you better watch out girlie :]