Friday, April 28, 2006

this week

this week i have had the worst sinusitis since we lived in canberra in the nineties :(

hence our bathroom looked like this:

on the other hand the sewing drought has ended - hooray!

i made a version of kaffe fassett's columns quilt from his wonderful museum quilt book. the fabrics are the picadilly half yard bundle that i got from hancock's of paducah back in january. they look much better in real life, much richer but they didn't photograph well i'm afraid.

the back is a mixture of florals from the stash that i chose to go with the front - i'm very pleased with the whole thing - being big pieces it all came together very quickly and i had such fun piecing the back - there was no pattern so no anxiety about doing it "right". i just played until i liked it and then sewed it up

it is now pinned together with some soft cotton batting - i plan to bag it out (or birth it as it's called in the States!) and then do some free motion quilting. if i do the conventional quilt sandwich it will get put away because i hate hate hate binding. also i haven't invested too much emotional energy in this quilt and it is destined to be a sofa quilt or to go on our bed so i don't mind if it's not perfect. it will be a working quilt :)

happy weekend !

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Suse said...

Ooh yuck, I hope you're feeling better soon.

Re the slippers you asked about (on my blog), the pattern is from a book called 'The Children's Year', by Cooper, Fynes-Clinton and Rowling.