Sunday, April 30, 2006

childhood favourites meme

here are my childhood favourites thanks soozs:

1. Favourite special treat food - tim tams (see current debate between pea soup and yarnstorm)
2. Favourite real food - roast chicken: a rare treat served only at Christmas, Easter and birthdays
3. Favourite thing to wear - my black watch tartan kilt - i loved the glinting kilt pin
4. Favourite place to go - gran and papa's big house where all the cousins ran wild and special treats were bought from the swiss cake shop for afternoon tea. there was also coco cola (as papa called it) and bags of sweets on the shelf above the big 'his master's voice' wireless
5. Favourite person - my auntie - mum's twin who was like a second more affectionate mother
6. Favourite event/occasion - Christmas
7. Favourite pet - my dog tess
8. Favourite thing to do - read
9. Favourite TV show - mr ed
10. Favourite book - i loved all the billabong books, australian early 20th century classics, written by mary grant bruce about a girl called norah growing up on a sheep station in northern victoria. later i loved lm montgomery's anne of green gables books.

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Suse said...

Re the tim tam debate, keep an eye on kitty cafe (link on my blog) in the next few weeks as she has generously offered to be an impartial judge. In other words, Jane and I had to send her chocolate biscuits from our respective countries, and she gets to scoff, er, judge them sans prejudice.