Tuesday, October 28, 2008

plastic free november

melbourne greenista-sista jorth has declared november plastic free and invited all to join her. i have been getting more and more appalled at the volume of plastic coming into palazzo seahorse and (after disgorging contents) going straight into the bin or nesting in the cupboard under the kitchen sink.

so i am going to try hard to make november plastic free. jorth's commitment is:
1 - I shall refrain from purchasing anything that is made of or is packaged in plastic for a month;
2 - I shall try to minimise all waste created for the month, and only purchase products in packaging that can be recycled;
3 - I shall crap on about it here, in the hope of inspiring others.

i can certainly do #3 and #2 -my main worry with #1 is milk - my lot drink gallons of it and it only seems to come in plastic jugs or plastic coated cardboard cartons. so i might have to get a milk exemption.

just checked the pantry and the non plastic packaged items were Milo, jam vegemite, jelly crystals, tea, coffee, vanilla, flour, sugar, tamarind paste, all the sauces (fish, hoi sin etc) rosewater, cocoa, tinned tomatoes, tinned tuna and olive oil. the stand out tricky items are pasta and rice - traditional staples chez seahorse.

eek! bread is tricky too. even at the bakery they tend to put it in plastic bags. i can see some lateral thinking is called for.

thanks jorth! who else is going to take up the challenge of living plastic free?


jorth said...

Welcome aboard, plastic-free sista!

As for pasta, you can get pasta in boxes, or you could always make your own (much easier if you can get your hands on a pasta machine).

Susan said...

Well I'm going to confess right up front that I am not going to do the plasic challenge - good idea - but I'm so time poor that the degree of difficulty is right off the charts! However, re milk, I buy Pauls 'Pure Organic' milk from both Coles and Safeways in cardboard. It comes in both 1 and 2 litre containers. Bread is a challenge. The only paper wrapped bread I can think of is Baker's Delight, some Italian delis or Phillippa's. Tricky. Goodluck

catsmum said...

well I'm a wee bit ahead of the game as my milk comes straight from the goat, my pasta from my machine and my bread from the Baker's ...I've been trying to reduce the plastic for years. Still have no alternative to black garbo bags though.
My other 'thing' is no aerosols [ except for flyspray ]