Saturday, October 18, 2008

what to do, what to do?

last weekend i ran up a piece made up of chunks of kimono fabric (bought as a scrap bag from kimono house in the fabulous nicholas building in swanston street) - i fused them to a length of indigo cotton (bought from tombo in westgarth - one of my favouritest shops) and then fused that to some crimson japanese cotton. machined over and around all the edges and here it is.
but it lacks something - it just hangs there - quite colourful and balanced but lacking in oomph.

so, any ideas? i have thought of foiling, stamping with discharge paste or doing some meandering stiching in an abstract tree of life kind of way but my imagination is as slack-jawed as the quilt itself and i don't have enough clarity or purpose to actually do anything.

suggestions or encouragement most welcome



Hmmm. It would certainly make a nice background for foiling if you wanted to go down that route. Or perhaps applique of some description on top. My own direction would go along the heavy stitching and then painting over with paints or discharge paste before repainting, but that really is just me!! They're such nice fabrics it seems almost a shame to do anything with them, but it also says "background" for something else, to me.

arlee said...

How about surface manipulation? Pleats, gatherings, holes, twistings, then foiled? The colours are strong, go even more exotic.

catsmum said...

foiled spirals would get my vote