Sunday, October 19, 2008

sunday afternoon

virtue hath gone forth this day chez seahorse.

i have:
  • cleaned the floors, first with the Reluctant Vacuum Cleaner then with the Puddle Mop
  • cleaned out one of the big drawers of the wardrobe and filled 2 garbage bags of stuff for the op shop (incluidng my maternity clothes, last worn 4 years ago)
  • sorted multitudes of clean laundry and dispersed them to the correct bedrooms
  • found the tax documents (eek)
  • completed another dig on the ktichen table which is now completely clear except for a full fruit bowl
  • set chicken carcasses, water, carrot, onion, pepper corns, bay leaves and water to shudder into chicken stock
  • made fish curry for tomrrow night's dinner
  • made pear ginger cake (currenlty in the oven and scenting the whole house)
and it's only 4 o' clock - who knows what wonders may be perfomed before the day is out?


Susan said...

Wow such productivity. Need to do some of that cleaning stuff myself. Yummy cooking too!

gusseting said...

while i've done a decent whack i guess (machine knit 8 ply sample which is now dyeing on the stove in the roses picked yesterday, machine knit a ball of fine yarn for playing with and sorting out if there were machine problems, swearing at machine with machine problems, washing up, 2 loads washing) there's still that feeling of...what have i done today? if you have any hints for dealing with the chaos that is an incredibly messy haus, i'm all ears...