Saturday, October 25, 2008

today i

  • got up at an indecent hour to feed indignant cats who were clearly starving
  • went back to bed and listened to my yoga nidra cd
  • then went back to sleep
  • got up and post breakfast did a minor mrs tittlemouse on the bathroom (done wearing only knickers and pink rubber gloves while the cats averted their eyes and billthedog lay down with a cold compress on his head)
  • took billthedog for a walk down to high st (2 blocks from the seahorse palazzo)
we had a lovely time visiting cass at the environment shop where she bonded with bill and i bought these

then a stroll across the road to the indian grocers to buy some long felt want spices

then further north past the diana supermarket, various cafes, the charcoal rooster ( a takeaway not an actual beast), the bizz buzz hardware store that has a wonderful neon hammer sign on the roof, the fabbo smelling butchers that promised fresh goat meat in the window and had some plumply enticing weisswurst on display. bill and i slavered briefly and then continued up to pippa may cook - my favourite cafe.

i had a fresh, zingy salad of spinach, grapefruit and avocado followed by a latte and bill had a bowl of water. no photos of salad or the bowl of water i'm afraid - both were disposed of fairly quickly. i did buy dinner, some roasted seeds for snacking purposes and a jar of the honey dijon dressing that subtly graced my salad. (the photo incoudes their card as they are websiteless - too busy making good food)

the chicken was yum - i just ate it during the great sloughs of time it takes blogger to meditatively upload photos....

but the highlight of the walk was strolling back down high st to see what new shops had opened when i walked past the real estate agent from whom we bought our house in 2002. and in the window was a notice with a sold sticker across it and a photo of

our house.

it had been there since being passed in at auction in december 2001! it had the usual generous description - i was especially impressed with the poetic licence it took to describe the gas heating (an old wall heater) and air conditioning (an ancient shuddering brown box). i alerted urbane scrumping at once and he will hopefully post a photo.

his urbanity and i then went with young w to inspect new dishwashers, carefully avoiding any of the brand beginning with b and containing vowels. the recently deceased dishwasher has been a bad egg (worse than the reluctant vacuum cleaner and the puddle mop) and has cost more than $500 in repairs in the last 12 months. and it is only a few years old - grrrrrr. i will accept that it just have been a bad example of a good brand but am not willing risk it again - the next dishwasher will be a much plainer brand

and now having envittled i am thinking of going to see a fillum - i have't been to the cinema for a long time and urbane scrumping recommended that new one with george clooney (yum) and brad pitt (meh but okish) whose title escapes me at the moment.

off to the magic lantern show in carlton i think....

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