Tuesday, October 07, 2008

bogong moths stage 1

here is the background for my bogong moths quilt. it serendipitously began with a piece of eucalyptus dyed silk that had been folded and held with a bulldog clip before immersion and when unfolded looked like a row of bogong moths....

the background is composed of many layers - black cotton, batiked cotton and paper that was free motion quilted in zig zag rows then painted with walnut ink, sepia, fabric paint, xpandapaint, rubbed with shiva sticks, touched with copper gutta and copper embossing powder. then lightly toasted with the heat gun.

final assembly should be this weekend so more photos then

and i'm feeling better although still a bit like a failed sword swallower


catsmum said...

am lovong ot so far - feel better soon sweety
ps are you coming up this way for the quilt show on the 16,17,18th ?

catsmum said...

shouldn't type in the dark without my glasses - of course that should have read " am loving it so far !!"