Saturday, October 11, 2008


right now there is a high level of om chez seahorse - tonight is the first extended twilight of daylight saving; i have done an hour of yoga (for the first time in at least 5 years) the western sky is still washed with pink gold, a bright waxing gibbous moon hangs in the eastern sky, the air is warm with jasmine and i am barefoot and wearing a sleeveless shirt.

the air is lit with stray bird songs, the odd chook squawk and the sound of billthedog crunching his dinner

i am about to have a poached egg on wholewheat toast for my dinner - the egg is freshly laid courtesy of the cwa and retrieved from the compost bin which is the preferred location for egg laying if you are a discerning chook. i should add that it is the secondary compost bin and contains only old straw from the chook house: since it has became the nesting box du jour it is inactive as a compost bin. the "live " compost bin is elsewhere and there is no way i would eat anything from it (relax, mum)

after doing a modicum of housework this morning, i hied myself to carlton for a hair cut and colour with the wonderful jay at chainsaw massacre (websiteless but at 190 elgin street carlton), went to readings and bought the 'cannot buy my soul' cd of kev carmody songs (it's playing as i write and it's wonderful), looked at jewellery at cellini in faraday street, bought some sushi for a late lunch and came home newly haloed with some fine gold highlights.

it's now well into the dim - the moon is shining like a startling pearl, the sunset is mauvy-pink and everything is suddenly focused in the last of the light.

tonight is some sewing, puddling around and watching the angels on sbs at 10 o'clock. (will add some photos from last summer to give you a flavour of the evening)

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My, but you're sounding all poetic! Must be because summer is a-coming? I'm catching up on blogs today and I have to say that I like the background for your bogong moths - lovely colours and textures