Thursday, November 13, 2008

thursday night, cooling down

another ackworthy day of 35 gazillion degrees and a hot north wind and that wind full of dust. i had 2 meetings out of the office today which meant trudgy trudgy through the heat and dust so i felt a bit sandblasted by the end of it all. not to mention 2 hours of earnest meeting which can be reduced to the following bureaucratic equation:

intense hand-wringing + 'something must be done' = one sub-committee

this evening though has been restorative:
  • felafel burgers for dinner (cunningly constructed to smuggle salad into the unwitting young)
  • the cool change blew in around 8 o'clock and with it some calming rain
  • and after young w was put to bed, 13 year old a and i had some idle chat that ranged across the 20th century starting with lsd and hash through orwell's allegorical style to the rise of communism, the cold war, the nature of dictatorship, free will and the proper fate of tyrants.
i think he should chair the next meeting......

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arlee said...

Perhaps i should send you some of our snow to cool down :}