Saturday, November 22, 2008

cataracts and hurricanoes

there are Lear-like elements all around this weekend - you may recall a couple of weeks ago i was moaning that it was hot. well, now it's cold, the heating is on and there are waterfalls cascading off my roof. welcome to melbourne in the spring :)..... of course it nothing like as bad as the floods in brisbane this week - hope you're ok up there, linda!

of course the chooks are out marching around in it, cracking hardy and pulling their cardigans tighter: 'just put on another pair of galoshes, dear'. i think billthedog has been helping them build an escape tunnel as they seem to spending more time outside their compound than in.....

billthedog, toby and miss molly are safely tucked up inside the ark/house and no one is going to venture out into that.... although i might punt down to high st later and get more provisions. i'm so glad i live on a hill.

only sporadic creativity as i still can't sit for very long:

this is going to end up being a triptych of some kind i think i ruined the rocks piece by putting too much ink on it :( but i have brushed it with discharge paste and am about to light the touchpaper and see what happens.

but my main task this weekend is finishing stellar - stay tuned

1 comment:

Linda Robertus said...

Thanks Lisette - we're fine here, no problems on our side of town.
Love your golden seahorse!