Saturday, November 29, 2008

sisters market

this afternoon i took w and e over to brunswick town hall for the sisters market - local, handmade, indie design. there were some gorgeous things there and i met aunty cookie and nichola/nikkishell from mixtape.
and i bought some beautiful aunty cookie fabric packs
and this beautiful (and reasonably priced) silver, copper and bronze ring from silver rocks oz.
but there was an awful lot of baby stuff - very cute and all that but it was a bit overwhelming. i hope the twilight market at the northcote town hall on thursday will be a bit more balanced. less bags and baby clothes please :)

we rested and looked over our purchases in the garden of christ church brunswick - it was lovely to see a fountain actually working - the ones in the city have been turned off due to the drought and are very depressing but this one was using rain water and it was very soothing and cooling.
then a coffee/iced chocolate at pippas and home to make risotto for dinner. this is my favourite recipe - one we have used since dinosaurs ruled the earth and i think it may have been a terry durack recipe in the age. really easy - you just need good ingredients. arborio rice, butter and olive oil, tomatoes, chicken stock, mushrooms and dried porcini mushrooms (restored by soaking in hot water), prosciutto, garlic and some cheese stirred through at the end. followed by mango gelato. yum.
(apart from the risotto pic these photos were all taken with my phone - i finally tracked down a usb cable to fit my phone and managed, with the help of a handy 13 year old i prepared earlier, to transfer them onto the computer)

and to the statuesquely lovely ms v who commented on the previous post - email me - i miss you already! and where's your blog???

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