Saturday, November 22, 2008

stellar done

i think.... here are some views of stellar - the whole thing can't be shown until 1 december as part of the around the world in 20 quilts challenge.
the search for blackest black ironically ended in my deep black sky being buffed with gold, turquoise and violet shiva sticks and black ink so there is quite a glow. this added much more energy and depth to the piece and it looked less like a design for the essendon football club... i used my challenge materials - lutradur and paper - and am really happy that i have learned so much from making this piece. maggie grey, dijanne cevaal and marion barnett's blogs, websites and books have been inspirational.

the weather continues..... i could surf down to the laundry should i wish and had to don oilskins and waders so i could put a load of towels on to wash this afternoon. my catalogue will be a soggy puddle at this rate.....

the gesso obsession also continues and i laid in more stocks of black ink this afternoon (how did i go through a whole bottle of ink in a week??) here are this afternoon's efforts drying on the kitchen table.
(as i wait for blogger to laboriously load the photos the krazy kat kavalry has started for the night - ba-doom ba-doom ba-doom ba-doom ba-doom down the hallway, in and out of each bedroom, circle the front room and zoom back in here - scattering papers, magazines, knitting needles and toys as they go. billthedog has gone to bed.....)

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