Tuesday, November 25, 2008

progress report

for some reason time dragged by on leaden feet today - the first hour at work seemed to last an awfully long time. the day was punctuated by painkillers, back exercises and rewarming the wheat bag (monster kitty is the perfect size to take to work and to wear relatively unobtrusively around the office). i managed to fit some work in as well - the Big Launch is in 2 weeks' time which is rather eeky.
this evening w went to sleep on the floor, drugged no doubt by the dog miasma which still fugs the rug - i think we need some serious rug cleaner. followed by serious dog cleaner. but that meant no w bedtime with stories and tales of the day and songs which can take quite some time. which meant i could leisurely do the next stage of the gessoed pieces - painting.
i was very afraid that i had ruined them but they don't look too bad. it helped to pounce them with a white cotton sock :) i had bought the socks with a view to making something out of this book so a bit of hand dyeing can only add to the charms of the finished product, n'est-ce pas? i am thinking of making one piece out of these four (depending on how they look at the end of the painting process) and using some meandering hand stitching to link them together

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Not ruined at all - I think they look fab. The stitching idea is a good one and can't wait to see what you do to them. Sorry the back is still painful, and I hope it won't be too long before you feel better.