Wednesday, July 14, 2010

and rest...

jealousy is done and dusted and on its way to the UK, as we speak.

i ended up not using kathryn's petals - while they were beautiful and the right shade of red for the quilt they edged the piece just a bit too much towards the decorative. that was a constant danger with this piece which i always wanted to be savage and disconcerting. none of its elements should be pleasing or lyrical - it is something that should be confronting and revealing a truth about an uncomfortable emotion.

i did get a couple of fabric pens and, in the few bald bits, write words or phrases from blake's poison tree - the sentiment of that poem captured so much of what i wanted to convey in this piece.

i also used black printer's ink to wash over the claws and a fair amount of fabric paint and paintstik to define the tree and the claws.

and now i'm in that odd limbo after a piece has been finished and sent away. i feel a bit aimless and brain dead - i've been focused on deadlines and commitments for so long that i am going to spend the rest of the year playing. rushing around in circles, off the leash - i want to play with different techniques, finish dijanne's lino cutting course, practise drawing and just noodle around.

but tonight i think i will rest


DIAN said...

Lisette, this is fantastic! Well done on finihshing it. I love the way you have used the black ink on the claws. So evocative.

Jensters said...

So glad you have finally finished....and its making its way to the uk maybe i might hunt it its so wonderful and now it time for you to play.

arlee said...

YOW that is one angry looking piece---mission accomplished! The period "after" is always a tough one (for me at least)---playing IS the best way, and gawdz yes, new things to try are perfect.

Kathryn said...

Stunning - just simply stunning. I feel so lucky to have seen it "in the flesh" before it is hung at Birmhingham!