Monday, July 05, 2010


here is jealousy - pretty much done, i think. there could be a few tweaks with some paint but this is it.

it's now marinating on the kitchen door so i can look at it and see what else it might need. i bought some irregularly shaped vintage beads thinking they might be good jealousy fruit but i'll wait and see.

vital statistics:
120x90 cm
starting from the bottom layer: black linen; purple, bile and magenta coloured silk chiffon; black organza; green and yellow cotton; green, yellow, red, magenta and black synthetic, chopped into bits; green tulle, black tulle.
rayon threads in magenta, green, black and red
oil paint stick in silver, green, crimson, magenta and sienna
sprayed with black quink ink solution

burnt back after stitching with a heat gun, slashed with a craft knife and the slashes opened up with a soldering iron.


The Happy Apple said...

Very powerful. Love the slashes; they give movement and meaning. The colours work really well together too with those flashes of magenta/red. The super cool thing about this is that I actually get to see it myself in August. Yay! Well done you..mega achievement.

Judy said...

Great texture here.

DIAN said...

That is amazing. thanks for sharing the fabrics and techniques used.

Stomper Girl said...

Wow! Just....Wow!!

Jensters said...

This is wonderfuly full of texture and i love reading the vital statistics: too x